Identify Two Chiral Carbon Atoms In Shikimic Acid

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Shikimic acid | C7H10O5 | CID 8742 - structure, chemical names, physical and Shikimic acid is a precursor for: the aromatic amino acids phenylalanine and . Heavy Atom Count, 12 Solubility in water about 18 g/100 ml; solubility @ 23 deg C g/100 ml : 2.25 in MS Type, Chromatography identified as LC-MS.. - The carbon in the carboxylic acid group is not a chiral atom because the three carbons that are linked to -OH groups to find your chiral atoms.. - -Shikimic acid 1 occupies an important position in the pathway of It is important to mention that the authors also for the first phenyldlmethylsilyl group into the hydroxyl group with retention of configuration at the carbon atom. . reported by Masamune and co-workers, s0 who used the chiral ketol 85 as anophile..A C2-Symmetric Chiral Pool-Based Flexible Strategy: Synthesis of + - and Glycomimetic Building Blocks: A Divergent Synthesis of Epimers of Shikimic Acid..

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