Identify Tv Tuner Card

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- I have a tv tuner card in my pci slot of my pc, I am to get it working with mythtv but first I need to find out the exact make of the pci card. aMSN mentioned in the webcam set up that it is a hauppauge card but that was all the information it gives, how do I tell what make/model it is?. - help i cant read any definable to the uneducated geek markings telling who created this tv tuner card and wish for it to be installed there must.. - Check for a TV tuner to find out if you can watch live broadcast television on your PC. External devices are generally the easiest to identify, as they will be labeled with their purpose. A TV tuner will generally have at least one coaxial input so the card can be connected to an antenna or cable service..I recently brought a secondhand *pinnacle internal PCI TV tuner card* from my friend with cheap price with the hope of downloading driver and tuning .

I have been happy with my Hauppauge HVR1600 TV tuner PCI card for my Mythtv computer system at my home in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. My only issue is .Although a TV tuner is one of the more entertaining hardware peripherals that can be installed in a computer, they have yet to gain widespread acceptance among many .With the super stylish Humax Twin Tuner Quad Recorder PVR, you can turn your TV into a recording archive for your favourite shows to watch later at your leisure, no . Compare Digital TV and Broadband Deals Find the best TV, broadband phone deals in your area.

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