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Turtle/Tortoise Frequently asked Questions. Compiled by Darrell Senneke. Please note that these are general answers to frequently asked questions..The largest living chelonian is the leatherback sea turtle Dermochelys coriacea , which reaches a slength of 200 cm 6.6 ft and can reach a weight of over 900 kg 2,000 lb ..How to Take Care of a Turtle. Learn what it takes to properly care for your turtle or tortoise in this pet owners guide. In this guide we provide all the basic information needed to get started for beginners and novice owners of turtles and tortoises..The Yangtze giant softsturtle Rafetus swinhoei also known as the Red River giant softsturtle, Shanghai softsturtle, Swinhoe's softsturtle or speckled softsturtle Chinese: ; Pinyin: bn be is an extremely rare species of softsturtle found in China and Vietnam..

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    How to Identify Pet Turtle Species By Jo Jackson Jo How to Identify Duckling Breeds 22 P.os Only Pet Lovers With Reptiles Will Get .

  • Turtle Species 30 Of Them With Care Free Guides All to learn more about Turtle Species or to identify all the different types of turtles? Click here for pictures and free care guides!.

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    If the top sis flat with black, yellow, red or orange markings, it's probably a painted turtle of the turtle breed Chreysems. 4 Make notes of physical characteristics of the turtle and include notes about scales on the, head and leges, and the hinge on the bottom s 5 Consult a field guide on turtle breeds see Resources ..

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    Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Turtles -- identification guide -- Discover Life..

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