Identify Tree With Thorns

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- Honey locust thorns arenched, and are found in c.ers on the trunk. Russian olive tree thorns are found on the ends of its twigs. American plum trees grow thorns on their smallnches. Short, rough thorns on thenches are typical of crabapple trees..

Several common trees have thorns. Thorns are a defense mechanism evolved by them and are actually modifiednches. You can tell these thorn trees apart by examining .Keep Learning. Which trees have poisonous thorns? How do you identify types of pine trees? What are the different types of magnolia trees?.Tree Identification How to tell trees apart. Thorns, spines, or spurs. Trees withly appendages on their stems are easy to identify..Tree Identification. If you can't tell your ash from your hickory, You should also study the tree for thorns or spines, ridges, buds, and even the odor!.

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