Identify Transister

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- Steps to identify the PNP type transistor: Keep the Multimeter in the Diode mode. Keep the positive probe to the pin-1 Emitter of the transistor. Touch the negative probe to the center pin Base . Similarly touch the negative probe to the center pin Base with respect to the pin-3 collector ..

Description. This lead acid battery charger circuit is designed in response to a request from Mr.Devdas .C. His requirement was a circuit to charge two 12V/7AH lead acid batteries in series.Anyway he did not mentioned the no of cells per each 12V battery..

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  • How To Check A Transistor By Electrical Technology

    Remember the direction of NPN and PNP Transistors Identify the Base, Collector Emitter of a Transistor Check a transistor if it is Good or Bad. Check Transistor withog or Digital Multimeter in Ohm Range Mode: Check Transistor in Digitla Multimeter with Diode ,Continuity or hFE / Beta Mode.

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