Identify Transformer Windings

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Identifying The Various Windings On a transformer where the color code has faded to the point as to be unreadable, here is a method to identify the various windings..The windings A1A2 and a1a2 are wound on the same limb of core. So also the other two sets of windings. In case of 3-phase bank of transformers the two windings correspond to same single phase transformer ..You must evaluate various factors when choosing a transformer so that it meets both the needs of the load and the application.The time you spend in selecting a transformer seems to be in direct proportion to the size of the unit. All too often, small transformers are selected with just a cursory look at the connected loads, and frequently a decision .Multiple-winding ideal transformers . There are a number of ways to model a multiple-winding transformer inE, but I have chosen to normalize all windings to a one turn linking connection, terminal Vc..

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