Identify Tower You Are Talking On

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- We 're here to help. Today 's article will show you all the websites, apps, native tools, and signal meters that will help you find your nearest cell tower. With these websites put in your zip code or address and it will tell you cell tower locations. While easy and Better talk, text, and faster internet. Reliable . - The paradigm is theumption that, when you make a on your cell phone, it automati.y routes to the nearest cell tower, and that by capturing those records police can determine where you made aand thus where you wereat a particular time. That, he explained, is not how the system works..YOU, 1. Whom you 're talking to, Control, Hanscom Ground, Lawrence Tower. ME, 2. Who you are, Aircraft ID, Katana 505EC*, Cessna 92747*. WHERE, 3. Where you are, Position In your first contact with someone, you identify yourself by aircraft make and number, e.g. "Arrow 173ND," or "Katana 505EC." In future . - Your cell phone service provider 's tower is not likely to be the one you see every day next to the 7/11. The big service providers, like AT T, Verizon, Sprint, and TMobile do not share towers with one another, except in uncommon cir.stances. It is imperative that you identify your tower location before you .

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