Identify Thistle

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Three Common Thistles Identification : the key to control. I have mixed feelings when it comes to thistles. In neglected perennial garden beds, they can become a painful nuisance, and for property owners and pasture managers, they can be invasive weeds. Despite their not so pleasant qualities as spiny, tall, prolific weeds, .In 1994 a Thistle Law, was enacted in four counties in northeastern Oklahoma. Amended , and 1999, it now declares musk, scotch, and Canada thistles to be noxious weeds and public nuisances in all counties of the state. Expect additional amendments and changes in this law for several years. Oklahoma 's . - Public and private landowners are not required to control infestations of bull thistle that occur on their property in King County. Bull thistle is a ClC Noxious Weed in Washington, first listed in 1988. For more information, see Noxious Weed Lists and Laws or visit the website .

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