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- This is a spreadsheet that has been floating around the net recently. I just got it from some friends, via email. I don 't think it has any virus in it, but you 're on your own there. Movies.jpg. It shows you 72 still pictures from 72 different movies, but the faces have all been erased. I think this is really cool. I wish I . - since I 'll be away for a while, I 'll leave with a gift that you all can work on over the weekend. open this spreadsheet and see if you can identify all movies correctly. don 't cheat and look up the answers. it will only accept the answers in certain formats. for instance, if the answer is Black Blue, it may not .This one might have already done the rounds but it is quite challenging. I got 52 out of 60 which just proves that I 'm a movie nerd and I 've got nothing better to do in life but stay in the dark a lot.// Click on "identify these movies.xls" to download the excel file. Answers are also there for .

Hiya! I'm compiling a movie quiz where people have to identify a film and type it in. They get awarded one point for each correct answer. At the momen. Topic: Identify these movies! Topic Closed Author: Message: Tom Wilson Byrne Robotics Member The 'net is too scary of a place to download somebody's Excel file.MOVIES. MOVIE QUIZZES; NEWS; How Many Movies Can You Recognize Based on These Inanimate Objects? Can You Name All of These Football Movies?.Can You Identify These Iconic '80s Movies Based On A Screens.? Don't You Forget These Movies ..

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