Identify The Title Of A Childrens Book

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- Please help me find the name of this book as it was an older book and This was a children 's picture book I had gotten from the li.ry in the .There are better sources on the net for inquiring about most children 's books, i am trying to find thele of a book that was sold to my parents by a couple of .Try these tips to find a book even when you can 't remember its .le or author. You might just get lucky. E.g. "Rachel Childs" .

Book-A-Day Almanac Discover the stories behind the children's book cl.ics and the new books on their way to becoming cl.ics..2QT Publishing Independent Book Publisher. We are a small, friendly independent book publisher based in North Yorkshire. We are a people business and love to connect with new, interesting and diverse writers from a range of backgrounds..Elwyn Tate's "My T-Rex Has A Toothache" is one of my grandson's favorite books - and for good reason. It is a delightful poem, a most unusual problem of a boy's T-Rex having a toothache..First Edition Books, with Dust Jackets! The estimated values in the table are for first edition books with dust jackets. The Children's Picturebook Price Guide includes first edition identification points for twenty-nine of the books in the list Click on the book's .le to see first edition identification points for a particular book..

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