Identify The Title Of A Childrens Book

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Last week, children's author Theresa Breslin asked you to help her remember thele and author of a book she loved but which for the life of her she couldn't remember. I was sceptical about the response she'd get but commenters took up the challenge with enthusiasm, following up her vague recollections of a voluptuous female falling out of .Identify, if possible, the book's intended au.nce .s, youngs, or children ; its genre science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, etc. ; all remembered elements of the book's plot, especially any "odd" or particularly memorable scenes or incidents that might help differentiate the book from others with a similar plot; any unique names, words, .Popular Theme Iden.y Books showing 1- Charlotte's Web Paperback by. E.B. White shelved 6 times as theme-iden.y Rate this book. Clear for a Childhood Book? Please let me know if you can identify it. Thanks!! I'm trying to find a childrens book but i can't remember the .le..

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