Identify The Structure Labeled In Figure C As

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C. sister chromatic. The structures labeled B in figure 10-2 areed? B.prophase and metaphase. During which phase s of mitosis are structures like the one shown X is the centriole and Y is a spindle fiber. identify the structures labeled X and Y in figure 10-4. D,A,C,B. List the correct order for the diagrams in figure 10-4..STRUCTURE D. Which structures show to make up an ATP molecule. A,B,C,and D. Which parts of the molecule must the bonds be broken to form an ADP molecule ? C-D Which chemical shown in figure 8-3 is an electron carrier molecule? NADP+ STRUCTURE LABEled A in figure 8-7 contains chlorophyll. True..C All organisms are made of cells. Identify the cell shown in Figure 3.1: A Prokaryotic B Eukaryotic C Bacterial D Animal. B Eukaryotic. Which organelle is the storehouse for most of a cell 's genetic information? A Mitochondrion Which labeled structure on Figure 3.3 is the site of p.osynthesis? B The chloroplast..Identify the chloroplast structures labeled A, B, and C. In which structure s do the light-dependent reactions occur? In which structure s do light-independent reactions take place? A: stroma. B: thylakoid. C: thylakoide. The light-dependent reactions occur in the thylakoids. The light-independent reactions occur in the .

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