Identify The Smell Of Dirt

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- Ever wonder where dirt gets that fresh smell? Find out on this Moment of Science.. - These airborne oils combine with other compounds to produce the smell. In moist, forested areas in particular, a common substance is geosmin, a chemical produced by a soil-dwelling bacteria known as actinomycetes. The bacteria secrete the compound when they produce spores, then the force of rain . - Walk through the first rainstorm of the season and it slowly hits you: that fresh, earthy smell. Before it hits the ground, rain is just water. It has no smell. But after the dropthe ground and interact with dirt, the fresh and almost sweet fragrance of rain is let go. Now, scientists think they 've identified the exact .We feel something deep in the smell of that fresh-soil, and it is one of those mysteries that takes us back to a place in time. The smell of soil invokes something so deep that it never really can be described. Can you describe the smell of soil in a forest, freshly tilled field, or in a swamp? Have you ever wondered if fresh tilled .

Creative Drama lesson using guided imagery to create stories..If You Smell Gas. In its natural state, natural gas is both colorless and odorless. For your safety, a chemical ingre.nt is added which smells like rotten eggs..Posts about antifreeze smell written byscottblog With the summer temperatures on the rise, knowing the symptoms of a .Many animals use chemical communication or pheromones to communicate. They may leave their scent to mark territory or attract mates. They often use smell to find prey .

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