Identify The Rights Of Person Being Questioned By Police

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- What are my rights and responsibilities . Police have the power to approach persons and ask them questions. Also, if you are only being stopped, you can refuse to give your consent for an officer to search your person, . - Being questioned by police - your rights and obligations, including If police realise that a person has impaired capacity only part way through . - What are some things you should know when stopped by the police. According to Sarah Deer, attorney, "For the average person, you will be better The police do not have to read you the Miranda Rights unless they intend .Practical tips from the ACLU on how to safely interact with police officers in California. Know what to do if you are questioned, pulled over, arrested, and more. People have various experiences with law enforcement, some of which are DO, if you are being given a ticket, give your name and birth date, and sign the ticket..

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