Identify The Quotient Group

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A normal subgroup, and describe the quotient group G/H. numbers of absolute value 1 and P denotes the positive reals. cosets are all the concentric circles around the origin excluding the origin . Let P be the group of positive real numbers with law of composition the usual multiplication .. - I would like some help in how to determine a quotient group, given two groups. An example: The group E,+ in Z,+ . I know the set of the quotient .The notion of quotient allows to identify group elements that are "the same" with respect to some criterion, and thus to simplify the group structure to what is essential. at k modulo 2 = to work in the quotient group /2 . In this quotient group, every even number is identified to 0, and every odd number to 1..A quotient group or factor group is a mathematical group obtained by aggregating similar elements of a larger group using an equivalence relation that preserves the group structure. For example, the cyclic group of addition modulo n can be obtained from the integers by identifying .

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