Identify The Processing Errors In Dental Radiology

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- RADIOGRAPHIC ERRORS AND ARTIFACTSDr. Walid Samir SalemBDS, MS, MHPElecturer, Oral Surgery DepartmentMember, Dental education unit.. - Common Artifact Errors In Intraoral Periapical Radiograph Dr jyoti sharma Subharti dental college. Due to equipment pitfalls. Film emulsions and packaging Exposure artifacts Processing; 9. What are errors ? Mistake Is Not A Mistake Till U Don 't Do It Instead Doing It Not Is A Bigger Mistake Life Is .Start studying Dental Radiographic/ processing Errors. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools..Radiographic errors may be due to technical errors [ errors related to the technique of taking the radiograph] or processing errors [related to all aspects of processing]. Artifacts may occur as a result of improper handling of the film packet, and accidents incidental to processing of the films and from defects of the film and film .

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