Identify The People Who Were Hurt By Enrons Collapse

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- Corporate Business ethics. Corporate Governance 2. Identify all the people who were harmed by Enron 's collapse and explain the ways in . - For others, Enron 's collapse affected solidly middle-cllives in smaller ways. had hired many of the city 's and the industry 's most talented people. to try and determine how this mess happened, some employees are still . - ENRON 'S COLLAPSE; Audacious Climb to Success Ended in a Dizzying ' 'The woods were filled with smart people at Enron, but there were really . The Enron issue finally hit the White House last week after the Enron 's energy customers in the United States have had to scramble to find new suppliers..

1. Identify any ethical issues involved in the Enron case. taking financials far bigger than its actual core business relied heavily on deals thatd on the future energy prices the deals were losing money created dubious "partnerships" to disguise losses 4..Many people such as retirees and employees were hurt financially by the collapse of this ins.ution. There were internal factors such as poor leadership and external oversights by the government regulators who failed to act, that could have prevented this nightmare from taking place.. People use words like ''family'' and do not care how corny it sounds. They talk about Enron as if it were a stern but beloved uncle who p.ed .Outline: Key stakeholders involved or affected by the collapse of Enron How were the key stakeholders hurt or helped by the actions of Enron management The degree of Enron management actions' hurt or helps to the key stakeholders The key stakeholders involved or affected by the collapse of Enron were .

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