Identify The Look Of Love Or

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- LONDON Reuters - Members of the opposite can spot whether someone is after a one-night stand or something more permanent just by at their face, scientists said on Wednesday. The image shows a pair of computerised "averaged" p.ographs taken from real people 's pictures.. - This is an interesting question. If I identify Which I have I 'd have to identify it more as a feeling. The lingering eyes, constantly catching each other 's gaze, change of tone. These are things I think of physi.y. And which type of . - Here is a description by a woman in love of the looks of love of her spouse: "His hungry eyes scan me, making me tremble and yearn for him; his misty eyes are like the early morning dew when When I grew older, I realized that no such machine was necessary"the look of love" became easy to identify.. - According to the authors of a new study from the University of Chicago, where a person looks first at a romantic interest -- the face, the body -- provides "By identifying eye patterns that are specific to love-related stimuli, the study may contribute to the development of a biomarker that differentiates feelings .

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