Identify The Legal Controversy Over Wetfootdry Foot Status

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- This does not mean,mi immigration attorney Wilfredo Allen said, that DHSts will actively seek to identify and expel Cubans who have stayed beyond the expiration date of their visas. If a Cuban comes legally to the U.S. with a visa and stays longer than authorized, can he/she adjust their status . - Washington CNN President Barack Obama is ending the longstanding "wet foot, dry foot" policy that allows Cubans who arrive in the United States without a visa to become permanent residents, the administration announced Thursday. "The United States, a land of immigrants, has been .The wet feet, dry feet policy or wet foot, dry foot policy is the name given to a former interpretation of the 1995 revision of the application of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 that essentially says that anyone who fled Cuba and entered the United States would be allowed to pursue residency a year later. Prior to 1995, the US . - Opinion: There 's no longer a sound reason for granting Cubans special immigration status, says Raul Reyes. The policy was unfair to other immigration treatment for Cubans. Now the longstanding "wet foot, dry foot" policy for Cuban migrants is over, and this change is welcome and necessary..

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