Identify The Great Lakes

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They consist of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario, although hydrologi.y, there are four lakes, Superior, Erie, Ontario, and Michigan-Huron..The lakes are: Lake Superior. Lake Michigan. Lake Huron. Lake Erie. Lake Ontario..The Great Lakes contain the largest supply of fresh water on earth; 20 of the earth 's total fresh water; 9,402 miles of s.line; and 94,710 total square miles of .

Identify Great Lakes States of USA This game asks you to identify the states in this map. When you click on the Start button, the names will disappear, and you will have to . If you need help to remember the 5 Great Lakes, use the mnemonic device HOMES, where each letter stands for a different lake. If you can remember the word HOMES, you can use that to remind you that the names of the lakes are Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior..Tell us who you are. Please provide your Social Security Number and date of birth so we can find your account..The National Museum of the Great Lakes is dedicated to preserving and making known the history of the Great Lakes. As part of our mission, we propose to identify a shipwreck that might be the oldest discovered shipwreck in Lake Erie..

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