Identify The Following Compounds Nacl

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Answer to 5 6 Identify the following compounds as strong, weak, or non-electrolytes. a.NaCl b. CH3OH c. CH3COOH .Answer to Identify which of the following compounds can be catergorized as a base? Choose one or more: NaOH HC2H3O2 HNO3 NaCl Ba O .Answer to Identify whether the following compounds exhibit ionic or covalent bonding. a. CaCl2 b. H2O c. NaCl d. CH4 .1. Identify the following compounds as Ionic compound or covalent compound, write the name of the. Compounds, and calculate its Molar m Learningistance Center. Prepared by Mh. Xu. P1 - 4 /lac Formula. Ionic or Covalent. Compound. Name. Molar M g/mole . 1. NaCl. 2. CO2. 3..

4 POGIL Activities for High School Chemistry 16. For each of the following compounds, indicate whether or not your naming rules from Question. Naming Molecular Compounds 3 10. Find two compounds in Model 2 that contain the pre x "mono-" in their names. a. List the formulas and names for the . Read: P176 and P161. For teachers : if you are creating test paper with questions that ask students to identify bond type then it is advisable to use open .1. IntroductionCombustion of biomfuels is oftenociated with the formation of inorganic alkali compounds that may cause problems for the combustion devices..

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