Identify The Different Types Of Industry Available Primary Secondary Tertiary

The primary, secondary and tertiary sectors represent various business types and the goods they produce and sell. Each sector relies on the others to function properly and efficiently within the economy. Every job, in every industry, falls into one or more of these sector types..In this lesson, we will explore economic change by discussing the three types of sectors of an economy: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary Sector. The primary sector involves the extraction of raw materials from the earth. This extraction results in raw materials and basic foods, such as coal, wood, iron and corn..Increasingly complex modern economies include 5 very different, yet commonly important, kinds of activities. Primary Sector. This sector is related to the production and retrieval of raw materials such as coal, iron, and wood. The products are harvested or extracted from the Earth and include the production of basic food .Industry can be divided into three main categories. Recently Tertiary industry has been sub-divided into a fouth type. The below explains the four types of industry Primary Industries..

Personal factors and consequences of electrical occupational accidents in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.The different impact of primary and secondary product attributes on customer satisfaction has received little attention. We propose that primary attributes have a .Learners at the Centre. Education in the 21 st century looks quite different to the way it did when many of us went through the system. Yet the current National .Levels of prevention. Preventive healthcare strategies are described as taking place at the primal, primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention levels..

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