Identify The Different Parts Of The Parachute

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A parachute rig used by any sport skydiver today has six basic parts: There is the parachute itself, also known as the main canopy. There is the pilot chute -- a small -inch / -centimeter diameter parachute that the skydiver uses to pull out and open the main canopy. The skydiver throws out the pilot. It catches .Parachute - Parts of the Parachute - Modern parachutes that carry people are made of nylon. When not in use, a parachute is folded into a nylon or cotton pack. The pack is fastened to the parachutist with a harness, which is specially constructed so that the forces of deceleration, gravity, and wind are transmitted to the .The five major parts of a standard service parachute, starting at the top and working down, are the pilot chute, main canopy, suspension lines, harness, and pack. These five major parts are This finished edge sometimes has a narrow border of different threads or sometimes it may have a different weave. Warp thread runs .The main part of the parachute was in a bag suspended from the balloon with the pilot wearing only a simple waist harness attached to the main parachute. When the balloon crew jumped the main part of the parachute was pulled from the bag by the crew 's waist harness, first the shroud lines, followed by the main canopy..

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