Identify The Differences In Tcpmib And Udpmib

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IF-MIB; IP-MIB; RFC1155 SMI-MIB; RFC1213-MIB; SNMPv2-MIB; SNMPv2-SMI; TCP-MIB; UDP-MIB. These MIBs include information about standard network . - MIB rewrites for IF-MIB, TCP-MIB and UDP-MIB Additional compilation issues: 11. of net-snmp, the older ucd-snmp, or something completely different. If some other SNMP daemon is running, you will need to determine .Like before, i execute the snmptrap.c which i modified and i still receive the following error. Cannot find module IP-MIB;IF-MIB;TCP-MIB;UDP-MIB;SNMPv2-MIB .Please find the answer for your questions as follows, $ rpm -q -f `which find module TCP-MIB : At line 0 in none Cannot find module UDP-MIB : At line 0 in fact that you 've got two different installations, and they are confusing each other..

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