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Sn4+ tin IV stannic Co3+ cobalt III cobaltic. Cr2+ chromium II The order for names in a binary compound is first the cation, then the anion. 2. Use the Write the correct name for: Answers . Here is how to determine its value: 1. multiply . - So, the tin cation is in its +2 oxidation state, which means that you 're going to have to use the Roman numeral II in the name of the compound..Which of the following correctly provides the names and formulas of polyatomic ions? Carbonate: HCO3-; bicarbonate: CO 3 2- Chromate CrO 4 2-; dichromate: .What is the correct name for the N3- ion? Which of the following correctly provides the name of the element, the symbol Tin IV bromide, SnBr4 Determine the subscript for ammonium in the chemical formula for ammonium dichromate?.

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    What is the correct name for Sn+4 ? Update: Tin ion Tinide ion Tin IV ion Scandium ion. Follow . . Report Abuse How can you write the correct chemical name for Sn MnO4 4? How do I figure out the correct name for Sn SO4 2? What are the correct formulas and what are they're names 2?.

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    126 Sn is in the middle of the mrange for fission products. Thermal reactors, which make up almost all current nuclear power plants , produce it at a very low yield 0.056 for 235 U , since slow neutrons almost always .

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    122 rows This list includes most of the Transition Metals combined with the .

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    Write the name for Sn SO4 2. Remember that Sn forms several ions..

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