Identify The Causes Of Seasons

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- The seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth 's rotational axis away or toward the sun as it travels through its year-long path around the sun. The Earth has a tilt of 23.5 degrees relative to the "ecliptic plane" the imaginary surface formed by it 's almost-cicular path around the sun ..

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    The seasons result from the Earth's axis of rotation being tilted with respect to its orbital plane by an angle of approximately 23.5 degrees. This tilt is also known as "obliquity of the ecliptic". .

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    Websites current as of . This WebQuest covers the following Utah 6th Grade Science Standards: Standard 6.1.1 Develop and use a model of the Sun-Earth-Moon system to describe the cyclic patterns of lunar phases, eclipses of the Sun and Moon, and seasons..

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