Identify The Cause Of A Droughts

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Drought has serious social and economic impacts with far-reaching consequences. Learn more about the effects of drought and how they are interrelated..Droughts are a significant effect of the Earth's climate, especially in terms of human habitation and agriculture. Thisessment will go over the basic facts pertaining to the causes and characteristics of droughts. Some things the questions willess you on include the different types of droughts and current examples of droughts..Drought has many causes. It can be caused by not receiving rain or snow over a period of time. We learned in the discussions about the water cycle and weather that changes in the wind patterns that move clouds and moisture through the atmosphere can cause a place to not receive its normal amount of rain or snow over a long period of time..To a water manager, a drought is a deficiency in water supply that affects water availability and water quality. To a hydrologist, a drought is an extended period of decreased precipitation and streamflow. What causes droughts? A drought is a period of drier-than-normal conditions that results in water-related problems..

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    What are the different types of drought? There are four basic approaches to measuring drought: meteorological, hydrological, agricultural, and socioeconomic..

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    More severe, prolonged, and frequent droughts are projected in the future in China. Climate warming would induce more extreme droughts than mean droughts..

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    Weather hazards. A weather hazard is an extreme weather event that threatens people or property. Weather hazards include: tropical storms. tornadoes [tornado: Fast rotating winds that can cause a lot of damage..

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    Feed budgeting in the dry period is inherently difficult due to the variability of the quality of dry feed and the value of the subsequent portion that the sheep choose to eat..

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