Identify The Best Job Canidate

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It 's an excruciating situation for managers: You 've navigated the hiring process and are down to a few equally qualified candidates for one key position. The pain can be mitigated by knowing what interview questions to ask and how toess each candidate 's answers..Because a great employee now needs to be a great learner, being voraciously curious is key to high productivity and breakthrough thinking. 4. Because great candidates are eager and rapid learners, they will also have learnings they pursue on their own. What are they? Do you get excited when the candidate describes .So if a hard skill is the technical know-how for a particular job, what are soft skills? The term "soft skills" refers to a group of harder You could begin with a broad ice-breaker question such as: Tell me about yourself or tell me why you feel you are a good candidate for this job. As your candidate responds, look for important .

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