Identify Tagua Nut

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Tagua nuts are small roughly 2 long seeds from palm trees in the Phytelephas genus. Beneath the thin, brown, flaky skin of the nuts lies a stark white tissue that closely resembles animal ivory: hence Tagua nuts are sometimes referred to as palm ivory. The average density of the "ivory" material is approximately 75 . - Vegetable ivory or ivory nuts are primarily the nuts of the Tagua palm tree Phytelephas macrocarpa although other palms of the same subfamily also produce ivory nuts. Tagua trees grow mainly in moist locations in northern South America. The mature nut, which can reach the size of an apple, has a very .Vegetable ivory buttons information page. "Vegetable Ivory" is a natural renewable rain forest material from a palm tree nut alsoed tagua and corozo. Here are some examples you might have in your button cache and information on how to identify it. For more information on what "vegetable ivory" is, here 's a succinct .

Purchase a copy of Identifying Common Materials in Antiques: A Pocket Guide * * * * * Ivory is a traditional and valuable material that comes from from the .SPARKLZ Vintage Costume Jewelry SPARKLZ A Large Website, over 1500 pieces of costume jewelry Estate Jewelry - HOME PAGE://,.Tagua nut: the nut from the ivory palm Phytelephas aequatorialis , often referred to as vegetable ivory. Part of the nut's ssometimes remains on netsuke carvings..Posts about clothing made in the USA written by clothingmadeinusablog.

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