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Tagua nuts are small roughly 2 long seeds from palm trees in the Phytelephas genus. Beneath the thin, brown, flaky skin of the nuts lies a stark white tissue . - In the absence of gross morphological features, identification of sis Vegetable ivory or ivory nuts are primarily the nuts of the Tagua palm .Several tropical American palms are known to produce vegetable ivory, but one of the most important is Phytelephas aequatorialis, also known as the ivory-nut : Bag of 10-Eco-friendly, easy to carve tagua nuts : Home And Garden Products : Everything Else. Find answers in product info, Q As, reviews..

Beneath the thin, brown, flaky skin of the nuts lies a stark white tissue that closely resembles animal ivory: hence Tagua nuts are sometimes referred to as palm ivory. The average density of the "ivory" material is approximately 75 lbs/ft 3 1,200 kg/m 3 ..The mature nut, which can reach the size of an apple, has a very white, exceedingly hard cellulose kernel, which is worked like ivory. The husk of the nut has a dark brown appearance and is frequently incorporated into the carving..When the nut is ripe, it falls to the earth making collection safe. It absorbs dye like a dream and is commonly used to make jewelry and art. This nut ised Tagua, or vegetable ivory, and prompts the question- why is anybody still using ivory? Tagua .ounced TAG-WAH grows on a tree that looks like a palm tree. The nuts are .Long Neck Turtle EPT-117 . Figurine of turtle with long neck carved with tagua nuts. Pieces per set: Figurines Category: Natural Color Average Weight: 35 grams. Price $2.50. Available in Stock: 1.

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    Tagua nut: the nut from the ivory palm Phytelephas aequatorialis , often referred to as vegetable ivory.Part of the nut's ssometimes remains on netsuke carvings. Though often mistaken for or deceptively sold as elephant ivory, items made from the two-to-three-inch nut have none of the striations common to animal ivory, and sometimes the ivory-like nut .

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