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- The two numbers on the back of your TAG Heuer watch have different purposes. Your serial number the lower code is a unique identifier for your watch only. It allows TAG to pinpoint exactly when the timepiece was produced and where it was sold..The TAG Heuer buying guide will help make your purchase a success. But done correctly, you will find a wealth of information online- information that will help .New, pre-owned or vintage: TAG Heuer Watch Information Top Prices Top Designernds 24 Months Warranty. Discover now!.When it comes to identifying fake TAG Heuer watches, we must stress that the only failsafe method is inspection by a certified watchmaker. Buying the timepiece .

Tag Heuer watches are Swiss-made luxury timepieces. Their quality should make a genuine Tag Heuer watch last you a lifetime. Due to the strongociation with sports and Hollywood, Tag Heuer watch amb.adors include some of the best athletes in the world as well as famous Hollywood actors..Every TAG Heuer watch will have engravings on the case back: the model number, the individual watch serial number, and the water resistance of the watch. TAG Heuer makes every watch water resistant to at least 100m, so make sure that any piece you look at . - As one of New York's top Tag Heuer watch repair services, we get a lot of inbound requests for information on the famousnd.We love Tag Heuer's, as they are both stylish and techni.y advanced, and apparently so do the thieves and imposters..Remove watch from wrist. Numbers can be found on the reverse of the watch under the Tag Heuer emblem. The top one is the model number and the bottom is the serial number..

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