Identify Synergist Muscles

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The moveable end of the muscle that attaches to the bone being pulled ised the muscle 's insertion, and the end of the muscle attached to a fixed stabilized .

Muscles of the Trunk 5. Correctly identify both intact and transected cut muscles depicted in the diagram, using the terms given at the right..Practice Lab Practical on Muscles: Head and Neck. In the above picture: Identify the muscle indicated by the yellow star..Muscle Functional Roles. The human body has over 500 muscles responsible for all types of movement. Each of these muscles has a name; for example, again, the .Good pictures and explanations. I think these flashcards are the perfect tool for review of the muscles and the bones of the body. These flashcards give you the name of the muscle, the attachments and where the muscles originate from, and also the innervation and actions of the particular muscle..

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