Identify Swatch

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- .o -- I would like to identify the year and model of four Swatch watches. Is there a book or website with images that I can search? What do the numbers on the back of the watches mean? The watches that I have a number and letter code stamped on the back, then lower down there is another number .Hey there, I got given a swatch today and ive been trying all day to find out the model of it? I 've checked the swtach website but i cant find..Swiss made, the Swatch watch FIND THE CODE GK720 features a not defined movement, a plastic strap and a plastic watch head. Discover more Originals Gent on the Swatch United States website..All the Swatch watches are in the Swatch Finder of Swatch United States. From colorful plastic watches to elegant metal watches, every style has a Swatch..

Swatch is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1983 by Nicolas Hayek and a subsidiary of The Swatch Group. The Swatch product line was .Define swatch: a sample piece as of fabric or a collection of samples; a characteristic specimen; patch swatch in a sentence.Bitcoin has seen a colossal fall as of late, dipping under $6,000 out of the blue since mid-November. On Wednesday, it was exchanging over the $7,000 level as the .Where is Your Bible? Is The Church Ignoring "The Oracles Of"? By Eric Metaxas/ .

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