Identify Succulent

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GrLike or Fleshy. Aloe Succulent Plants. Aloe Plants. Agave. Agave look similar to Aloe, but generally have a wicked spike on the end of every leaf. Gasteria. Gasteria can be smooth or pebbly but never have much in the way of armament, or spines. Queens Tears..4 days ago - Use the three methods in this post to determine what succulents you own! How to identify succulents and why you should know the name of .June. Succulents of the Month. Cotyledon Ladismithiensis. A succulent shrublet up to 12 inches 30 cm high 40 inches / 1 m, including the flower stems , denselynched, covered with hairs. Mazarine OR Azulitia. Echeveria 'Mazarine ', form attractive rosettes of bright cornflower blue leaves. Graptoveria Opalina..The following p.os will allow you to identify cacti and other succulent plants. Click on image to view plant de.s..

When I first started collecting succulents, being able to identify them seemed like a nightmare. You've likely found that many places you buy succulents lo.y don't label the specific genera or species of succulent Even a specialty store by my house just labels them as "Succulent Variety" or "Cactus Variety"..The Succulent Source, Family run Licensed Nursery w/ succulents for sale. Wedding succulent favors / gifts, bulk succulent prices, events and more!.Information on the various insects that succulent plants, their descriptions with instructions on environmentally friendly and chemical control..I get asked a lot how to make a succulent sphere for disin the garden. There is something about the shape that appeals to us. Whether they're made from metal, hypertufa or wire, garden spheres add definition, like a punctuation mark in the garden..

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