Identify Subgroups

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Spine Phila Pa 1976 . 2000 Jan;25 1 :106-14. The use of a cl.ification approach to identify subgroups of patients with acute low back pain. Interrater reliability and short-term treatment outcomes. Fritz JM 1 , George S. Author information: 1 School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, .AAnnu Symp Proc. ;2016:1248-1257. eCollection 2016. Learning Clinical Workflows to Identify Subgroups of Heart Failure Patients. Yan C 1 , Chen Y 1 , Li B 1 , Liebovitz D 2 , Malin B 1 . Author information: 1 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. 2 University of Chicago, Chicago, IL. Heart Failure HF is . - Identification of tinnitus subgroups is also important with regard to concomitant mental distress. Hoekstra et al. demonstrated that patients who express certain characteristics i.e., high percentage of experience of tinnitus during the day, self-reported depression or anxiety, and subjective experience of .Study Design.A prospective, consecutive, cohort study of patients with acute low back pain cl.ifie..

Highlights Novel procedure to identify significant genetic differences between autism subgroups. Data mining techniques allow testing of combinations of genes..Although it is widely recognized that motorcyclists have a particularly high accident risk, our knowledge of the mechanisms producing this accident risk is incomplete..Menus of Best Practices and Strategies . Students throughout the state of Washington receive tutoring, extra, summer programs and other interventions with the .A Myth About Social Security Numbers. Group Numbers Apparently due to the fact that the middle digits of the SSN are referred to as the "group number," some people .

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