Identify Structures And Functions Of The Lymphatic System

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The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. With about 600 nodes and a vast network of vessels penetrating nearly every tissue, the lymphatic system helps the body to balance fluids, fight .The lymphatic system removes infections and other toxins from the blood. A sick body is a toxic and infected or soon to be infected body. Arguably, most every chronic disease and every infection is indicative of an overwhelmed lymphatic system. When the system is overwhelmed, the body is overwhelm.The 650 muscles in the human body control movement and help to maintain posture, circulate blood and move substances throughout the body..The function of the lymphatic vessels is to form an elaborate drainage system that picks up excess tissue fluid, nowed lymph Lymphatics. The lymphatic vessels, alsoed lymphatics, form a one-way system, and lymph flows only toward the heart..

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