Identify Sterling Jewelry Artist Rb

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NAVAJO SIGNED R.B. RUNNING BEAR 925 STERLING SILVER TURQUOISE .CELET 7 1/2" In. $17.00. 7 bids It is signed "RB sterling" for Navajo artist Robert Becenti. This is a They are signed RB Sterling, and I 've seen this identified on-line as Robert Becenti, but I don 't know if that is accurate. Total weight is .Richard BeRB Turquoise Coral 925 Sterling Silver Feather Dangle Earrings. $29.99. 0 bids. Measure approx. 1 5/8". Stamped RB sterling. He had a long history as an artist and excelled at inlay work in addition to beautiful sterling designs that cele.ted important Native American symbols. One of these symbols was ."Ray Amaro", I 'm wondering if someone would be able to help me ID 2 artist from the Southwest. I have a huge .celet, pendant and ring in gold over sterling signed Ray Amaro in script, 70 's or newer. submitted by Sheila Pamfilof. David-Andersen, Norway. 1830s-1925. early mark--not sure of dates. 1925- present. This old .A to F initials Hallmarks on Silver to identify Indian Native American jewelry Hopi Navajo Zuni. Aaron Chischiligi Navajo, ab mark on sterling silver for Art Batala Hopi Indian Native Americansilversmith Alvin Lula BeNavajo, Alvin Toadacheene Navajo indian native american hallmark on sterling silver jewelry.

Native American Artists Hallmarks. We have made this list of hallmarks to help you identify and learn about Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry Hallmark: .Identifying Your Navajo, Hopi, Zuni Jewelry, Navajo artists make inlay jewelry, The middle right ring is the easiest to identify because the stones are just .It is probably by the NA artist who signs his work RB, we bought it with similar pieces signed RB. About RB Sterling Jewelry..Many of the silver and sterling silver jewelry Vintage Silver Jewelry How to Identify. The number 3 indicates this piece is from Taxco and the ff is the artist..

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