Identify Srtp Protocol Wireshark

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How to recognize if this is RTP or SRTP packet ? 0 I have two captured files, taken in different scenario. One of them - when I perform : "Decode as" to the UDP packets it shows unknown packet type 3. Or is there any possibility that even if wireshark can show the RTP headings, this RTP packet still can be encrypted ?? encryption srtp rtp .Encrypting SIP Using TLS SRTP - A Look With Wireshark 1 year ago. 0. Matt Martin . Posted by Matt Martin. Geek. VoIP Encryption is the result of encapsulating the transmission of the VoIP protocol packets and the accompanying audio packets into some type of encryption method, such as TLS Transport Layer Security . Being .76 rows Display Filter Reference: Real-Time Transport Protocol. Protocol field .I'm in need of decrypting to verify via playback a VoIP conversation issue between an Acme Packet SBC and a Polycom SIP phone on the Internet that employs SRTP. Is there any hope that Wireshark one day will have SRTP decryption support? In the meantime, are there any options for decrypting SRTP .

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