Identify Squash Summer

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- There are hundreds of varieties of summer squash, ranging from dark You 'll find these in green, mostly, but also yellow and, occasionally, . - Whether you 're trying to identify a new-to-you squash in your CSA delivery, or you 're headed out to the market, here 's a visual guide, plus what .Cutting Winter Squash: Winter squash have a hard skin and flesh this includes acorn, buttercup, butternut, calabaza, delicate, Hubbard, spaghetti, sweet dumpling, and Turban, as well as pumpkin . To cut winter squash in half, grasp the squash firmly and use a sharp knife to slice through to the center..

How to Identify Summer Squash. There are many varieties of summer squash, including zucchini,neck, sun burst, yellow and patty pan squash. Summer squash is picked in the summer before it has ripened, whereas a winter squash is picked when it is fully ripe. Summer squash is eaten cooked, grilled or raw. Even the skin is edible in summer .In terms of nutrient richness, many people would not place summer squash on their list of "attention grabbing" vegetables. Much more likely to be included in this list would be vegetables like kale or spinach or broccoli. However, summer squash is a vegetable with remarkable nutrient richness that .6. Calabaza The Calabaza squash is also known as the West Indian pumpkin and this is cultivated in America and West In.s. However, due to its hard skin, it is transported to different places as it can be stored for longer than the ones with thinner skin..How to Identify Squash Bugs. The squash bug is fairly large over -inch long with a brownish or gray body and flat back. The edges and undersides of the abdomen have orangees..

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