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Found in south of Texas P.o by Matthijs Hollanders .///p.os/mhollanders . Texas Blind Snake Leptotyphlops dulcis. Common NameTexas Blind Snake. Scientific NameLeptotyphlops dulcis. FamilySlender blind snakes. Average Length28cm. ReproductionEggs. Number of Offspring4. VenomNon- ."Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, that is the snake I saw. Thank you so much for the information. I told my kindergarten clabout it and we looked on your site to identify some of the snakes in Texas and see if we could find my snake. They will be thrilled with this information too! I can 't wait to show them the pictures!. - Website created toist in the identification of snakes in North Texas. North TX snakes can be difficult to ID. This website can help with the identification of snakes of North TX like Cottonmouth, water moccasin, rat snake, TX ratsnake, Watersnake..Texas Rat Snake 12. Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri. Prairie King Snake 6. Lampropeltisigasterigaster. Speckled King Snake 13. Lampropeltis holbro Western Coachwhip 14. Coluber flagellum testaceus..

Most of these snakes of Texas pictures have been sent to us by our website readers. If you don't see a pictures of your snake here, and .Texas is home to over 115 different species and subspecies of snakes, but only about 15 of those are potentially harmful to humans. Click through the gallery above to .Identify a snake you saw Snake! Just say the word and for a lot of people, shivers go up and down their spine. Snakes have been objects of fascination or fear and .South Texas Poison Center STPC , San Antonio, Texas. The primary missions of the STPC are to provide poison management, treatment, and poisoning prevention education .

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