Identify Smd Transistor Sl93

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Marking of electronic components, SMD Codes SL, SLHB, SLRB, SLSB, SLTB, SLZB. SL, SOD-123, 1N5819HW, Diodes, Sc.tky diode, Download datasheet..For example, with a 6H SMD-code in a SOT-23 case might be either a To identify a particular SMD device, is necessary to identify the manufacturer, package .To identify a particular SMD device, first identify the package style and note the ID Many manufacturers use an extra letter as their own identification code.. - SOT-23 Marking code SL Did you find burned parts?. O.K., they are most likely If you have a schematic, you should be able estimate the transistor specification. SMD Part Marking Code help, I have run out of ideas! 6 .

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