Identify Silverplate Bee In A Four Leaf Clover

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Can anyone help? i have a silver plate fruit bowl that has a hallmark of epns a Hallmark Identification Help, Please Benedict Mfg. Co used a bee on top of a four leaf clover for silver plate and another bee inside a .If you can find a copy of Tardy 's International Hallmarks on Silver, you will It is not marked either silverplate or sterling and it has very de.ed work. "As of late, the past four years, there has been an influx of color change chrysoberyl. It is stamped "ALTON, F, three crowns in a 3 leaf clover Swedish mark , S in a .Metal, iron, steel, copper alloys and silver-plated goods .,t EILEEN WOODHEAD Page 4 file identifying marks found on metal artifacts. This book is a .

"925" Would someone be so kind as to tell me when the mark 925 was first used to identify sterling? Thank you, in advance, for youristance..

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