Identify Shoulder Muscle Damage

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Pulled muscle is an alternate term for a muscle strain. Either way, it sounds -- and is -- painful. In his book, "Conservative Management of Cervical .Your biceps tendons attach the biceps muscle to bones in your shoulder and in your elbow. If you tear your biceps tendon at the shoulder, you may lose some strength in your arm and have pain when you forcefully turn your arm from palm down to palm up..Because so many structures make up the shoulder, it is vulnerable to many different problems and injuries. This article explains some of the common causes of shoulder pain and describes some general treatment options..Repe.ive Strain Injury. Repe.ive Strain Injury RSI is a potentially debilitating condition resulting from overusing the hands to perform a repe.ive task, such as typing, clicking a mouse, or writing..

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    Find out about common shoulder symptoms such as shoulder pain, overhead pain, pain while lying down, shoulder stiffness, shoulder weakness If you're not sure what might be wrong with your joint, our self diagnosis tool for the knee, shoulder and ankle is a good place to start. It won't replace a real doctor and cannot give a definitive .

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    A rotator cuff strain is a tear to any of the four rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder and is common in throwing and racket sports. They are soed because their job is to rotate the arm at the shoulder and provide a supportive cuff around the joint..

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    Your shoulder is made up of three bones: the clavicle or collarbone , the scapula or shoulder blade , and the humerus or upper arm bone as well asociated muscles, ligaments and tendons. The ligaments attach bones to other bones, and the tendons attach bones to muscles. So far so good. Now, there are actually four joints in the .

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