Identify Shoplifter Suspected

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Shoplifting Detention. In an effort to prevent thieves from walking out of a store without paying for merchandise, sometimes it becomes necessary to detain those suspected of shoplifting. Re.ers sometimes employ plain-clothes loss preventionts specially trained to detect and detain suspected shoplifters..A 32-year-old Madison woman is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from an east Madison, according to a news release..Police on Sunday identified a suspected shoplifter whod after store employees wrestled him to the ground and held him until cops responded to the scene..Shoplifting False Arrest: Claims. A restore makes a choice when it decides to apprehend and arrest those who attempt to steal their merchandise. Making that choice creates a legal responsibility of doing it correctly. This involves the proper hiring, training, and supervising those who make shoplifter apprehensions and arrests..

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