Identify Sharks

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Start with the first question. Decide whether the statment in the first box 1a or the the second box 1b best describes the characteristics of the shark you are trying to identify. See this page on shark anatomy if you need help. Click on the link in the row that best matches your shark..In the case of the whalers and similar sharks, the primary distinguishing features include: the presence or absence of obvious physical features such as an upper precaudal pit, interdorsal ridge or dorsal fin spines; the relative sizes and/or positions of the dorsal fins; and the size and shape of the upper teeth..The word 'shark ' is used to describe a broad range of aquatic creatures, but not all sharks are dangerous to humans. Nearly all fatals in coastal waters are .

This web -site is about sharks in the New England waters ; with emphasis on the mako shark, blue shark, white shark, thresher and porbeagle..Sharks of South Africa : Shark species of South Africa, information and shark ID - shark pictures, shark behavior, shark identification and shark biology ..Sharks and Whale Sharks - Cebu is home of a large shark population, from the north to south. Here is what you need to know if you want to dive with them..Start your own Successful Amazon Business in less than 10 WEEKS TIME! Taking NEW Students NOW!.

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