Identify Shark Species From Teeth

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Click on the link in the row that best matches your tooth. Your choice will lead you to the next appropriate pair of questions. Work through the questions, each time choosing the characteristic that best matches your tooth from the two choices. This will lead you to the final choice which identifies the species the tooth is likely .Jump to Identifying the Shark Species - Part 2. Identifying the Shark Species. Recognize white shark teeth by their broad, triangular shape. Identify tiger shark teeth by their short blades. Recognize bull shark teeth by their tapering serrations. Identify a lemon shark tooth by its slightly angled blade. Spot a sand tiger shark 's tooth by its narrowness..Following is a rough, il.rated guide to some of the more commonly collected fossil and recent shark teeth. When possible, multiple specimens are shown to give a sense of the variation of tooth shape within each species. The characters used here for identification are rather subjective and idiosyncratic, but they are ones . - After seeing so many different types of FOSSIL SHARK 'S TEETH in just one area, I wanted to identify which type tooth was from what type of SHARK. through my handy "Fossilized Shark 's Teeth Fossils" book by Byron Fink, this is what I found. fossil SAND shark teeth. The SAND SHARK and .

Prior to European contact, South Pacific islanders used serrated shark teeth as components of tools and weapons. They did this because serrated shark teeth are . In Florida, locals and tourists both share a fascination with finding a shark's tooth. Why are we so enthralled by these creatures? Is it the fear they .The teeth of two different shark species Isurus oxyrinchus and Galeocerdo cuvier and a geological fluoroapa.e single crystal were structurally and chemi.y . I am getting ready to go on my first shark teeth dive in Venice, Florida next weekend. With the upcoming trip, I thought it might be good to get a handle .

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