Identify Serigraph

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Ph.D. antiques appraiser Dr. Lori shows you how to determine if your print is a valuable silkscreen or .What Is the Difference Between a Lithograph a Serigraph?. Part of the series: Lithograph Fine Art Printing . - Estate sales can be a fantastic source to find unexpected, original and beautiful artwork. If you 're interested in purchasing artwork it can be helpful - but not always easy - to be able to tell the difference between prints and paintings or drawings or even to identify different kinds of prints. Below we have some .

Watch by Dr. Lori showing tips how to identify if your print is a valuable silkscreen or serigraph based on how its colors overlap.."Wink" by Sir Peter Blake, hand signed, limited edition serigraph on paper, #145/175, 2008, 82.0cm x 60.0cm Source: Private Collection. We have investigated various types of print in our series on identification, from the . Serigraphs are very smooth and the colors are block-like as they have to be applied one color at a time while other colors are 'blocked' off. A lithograph can be most easily identified by a crease around the image from where the paper has pressed around the metal plate.. A serigraph silkscreen looks different from both of the above, in that the colors were mixed by the artist instead of the screen dots that you will see in the offset lithographs. The ink should be thick enough to feel..

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