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Marine Species Identification Portal: information on thousands of different species in the world 's oceans and seas..Seal Identification. What are seals? Seals belong to a group of animalsed pinnipeds. This means 'winged-feet ' and refers to their flippers, which are specially adapted for life in the sea. There are at least 33 species of pinniped world-wide, including seals, sealions, fur seals and walruses. Seals are different from their .Identifying seals. K ate. G rellier. Lo u ise. C u n n in gh am. Grey and harbour or common seals can be seen all year round largely on the coast of. Scotland. To the untrained eye, telling the difference between a grey and a harbour seal can be quite difficult. Other Arctic seal species are occasionally sighted including..Harbor Seal Identification Tips. ID: spotted pelage; fore flippers small. Size: Males and Females range from 4-6 ft. and a maximum of 310 pounds. Color: gray with white spots or white with gray spots. Ears: No external ear flaps; a true seal.s: Internal testes, 1-2 sets of teats. Behavior: Seal pups are temporarily left on .

Symmetrical U-Seal These U-seals are symmetrical lip, non-loaded U-seals that can be used in rod seal and piston seal applications. Max Pressure: 5000 psi; Materials available: Polyurethane, Buna, .The common seal pictured above is up to 1.7 metres long, the grey 2.5 metres pictured below . Colour is not a guide to identification and changes as the seals dry out. Spots on common seals tend to be .The grey seal is larger, with a relatively larger head and longer muzzle, and a decidedly different set of pelage markings than harbour, harp, and ringed seals. The .How to Identify Furs Notice the fur that has the best water resistance. Harp and ring seals' fur are the best to wear during windy and rainy weather..

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