Identify Salmon Steelhead

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How to Identify Salmon/Steelhead. Salmon Information Identification. Chinook King Salmon Coho Silver Salmon Pink Humpy Salmon Chum Dog Salmon Sockeye Red Salmon Atlantic Salmon. Pacific Salmon Identification [PDF]. Marine Phase Phase Steelhead Cutthroat Trout Coastal .Steelhead Identification Information. Washington Department of Fish Wildlife. Steelhead and rainbow trout are the same species, but rainbow are freshwater only, and steelhead are anadromous, or go to sea. Unlike most salmon, steelhead can survive, and can sin multiple years.. - Steelhead migrate from the ocean into freshwater to s., and then can swim back out to the ocean again if they wish. Since steelhead are not semelparous meaning they do not after they are not an "official" Pacific Salmon..

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