Identify Sailboats

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If you 're not a fanatic not yet, that is but just an interested observer, then the first thing you 'll notice about a sailboat will be how many masts it has and the configuration of its sails - in other words, its 'rig '. This observation alone will enable you to identify the five main types of sailboats sl., cutters, ketches, yawls and . - In this section we 're posting covees some we 're sure about and some on mystery boats that we 're hoping you 'll identify for us . Please add to this collection. We 'll be doing the same thing as time goes on. Perhaps with your help we 'll create a useful tool for other dockwalkers. We 're all in this together, .How to identify a sailboat by its sail picture, hull number, or manufacturer.. - The term sailboat includes many different sizes, shapes, and hull types. Here 's how to identify most of the common ones..

How to identify a sailboat by its sail picture, hull number, or manufacturer.Southeast Sailboats sponsors UK Laser Masters event. Southeast Sailboats was proud to co-sponsor the end of season finale event at . Sailing news about boating, sailboats, sailing, yacht races and other fun stuff on the water!.All about sl., ketches, yawls, cutters, schooners, gaffers and other types of sailboats. Aft and centrepit sailboats, pilothouse sailboats, weekender sailboats.

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