Identify River Rock Stones

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Amazonite is a green microcline feldspar. It is named after the Amazon River of South America, where the first commercial deposits were found. The stones shown here are a light green Amazonite that was mined in Mozambique. Shop for Amazonite.. - Go here to see p.os of every kind of rock that we find in our neighborhood. This page also includes p.os of rocks from railroad tracks and "fake rocks" like concrete and slag . POLISHED ROCKS: Go here to learn the names of rocks commonly sold as polished pebbles in rock shops, museum stores, . - Many rocks have crystals embedded on their surfaces, within the rocks or are considered to be crystals. Crystals have flat surfaces which can be either large or small. Crystals with small flat surfaces are said to have "facets." All crystals have a faceted surface, but not all crystals have multiple facets.. - Color does help identify some rocks, such as the monochromatic azurite with its deep azure color, but many minerals have combinations or colors or hues caused by the presences of impurities. For example Any stone that scratches porcelain instead of leaving a streak has a hardness of about 6.5 Mohs..

I'll bet one month's pay that you live near a location where rocks that would defy identification by a PhD Geologist can be found. polished stones, .You'll find rock names Go here to learn the names of rocks commonly sold as polished pebbles in rock that will help you identify common rocks found in .Whether you are an avid rock collector or simply interested in finding out how to tell rocks apart, learning to identify the differences How to Identify Stones.How to Identify Rough Gem Stones; How to Identify Green Semiprecious Stones; Deziel, Chris. "How to Identify Valuable Rocks." Sciencing, .

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