Identify Resources

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As you begin your planning, you should know what is available to you. Staff and Volunteers. Who is available to help you plan and administer your event? Are there others in your department who will beisting? Are there volunteers available toist you? Knowing how many workers you are likely to have to help you .

Identify Resources That Are Available Identify resources that are available to you that will help you achieve your goal. < Day 5: Begin With The End In Mind Day 7: Take .Identify Resources 21st CCLC programs depend on different kinds of resources to offer activities for students. When examining .Identifying the Required Resources. Once you have listed all the tasks required to undertake the project, you need to identify the resources required to complete each task, as shown in the table below:.4. Identify Resources. What we want and what is possible don't always match. Our first reality check might be to create a content inventory list..

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